【souvenir】Ikkokko ~made by ENOKI JUNSEI DO~


Do you know this food, “Ikkokko”  (difficult to pronounce) ?

Ikkokko is one of the Nagasaki’s traditional foods
and this is very interesting to eat

this size is as small as your palm and this is very hard
so you can play catch with your friends

but the smell is like cookie

lets cut this in half!

Look! Ikkokko is empty inside!!

there is only thick layer of starch syrup

If you dig into Ikkokko, you would be surprised
because many Japanese traditional sweets have some paste in them, but this don’t
It’s EMPTY!!

I toasted one piece(the front)

the smell was evolved and my room was filled with this good smell


these tastes are good (needless to say)
toasty and sweet
Ikkokko is very simple food that we sometimes strongly want to eat
but starch syrup stuck on your teeth

I like toasted one

thank you


Maker:Enoki junseido(榎純正堂):095-844-0155
Price:¥432 / a pack of 5 @Nagasaki souvenir hall(in front of JR Nagasaki station)



I live in Nagasaki City
Give me some delicious information!!


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