【souvenir】Nagasaki Castella stick

“Castella” is the most famous souvenir of Nagasaki
It has good smell and soft sponge like a cake
Castella, of course, is delicious but it has a weakness
It is too big to eat alone or at outside

Everyone has thought suddenly that “I wanna bite castella!!”
Hakusuido ,famous castella maker, granted our wish

This is not sticky, so you can grab this.

Bite as you like

Castella became friendly
You can go sightseeing with Castella
It is newest style in Nagasaki

Hakusuido sells a box of five.
you not need to cut castella and wash your knife
why don’t you bite this with your family or friends.


Thank you


【Castella stick】
Price:¥220 / 1 piece @Nagasaki souvenir hall(in front of JR Nagasaki station)
¥1150 / 1 box of 5



I live in Nagasaki City
Give me some delicious information!!


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